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केन्द्रीय विद्यालय, दानापुर कैंट,पटना
(An Autonomous body under MHRD) Government Of India
Scouts, Guides and N.C.C

Activities of NCC in Session 2014 – 15

1.       40 cadets cleared the exam for certificate ‘A’ held on 28 & 29 Jan. 2014.

2.       50 cadets enrolled under 14yrs. Enrollment from K.V. DanapurCantt.

3.       50 cadets of 1st attended CATC – 1 camp. Conducted at  BD Public School, BudhaColonyfrom 12 June to 21 June 2014.

4.       Every week Tuesday and Friday is fixed for Institutional parade.

5.       5 each from 1st yrs. & 2nd yrs. Participated in National Level writing completion on MALARIA AWARENESS.

6.       3 CADETS        1. Pritam Kumar     2nd yrs.    2nd Position

2. Ritesh Kumar      2nd yrs.    3rdPositiion

            3. SweetyKumari    class XI C  consolationprise.

               Won the cash prise of Rs. 1500, 1000 and 500 in a Drawing & Painting competition held on National Level.

7.       NCC cadets celebrated CLEANINESS in the month of November & December. Week by cleaning the surrounding of K.V. DanapurCantt and near by area by motivating other people to keep their surrounding neat and clean.

8.       23 cadets of 2nd yrs. Participated in certificate ‘A’ exam held on 13 Jan. 2015.




School recommended for NCC or not
Registration done or not
Details of activities undertaken during 2014-15
Plan of action for 2014-15
B S & G activities 2014-15
-8.4.13 KV Danapur Cantt arrsnged one day trainers meet of Scout and Guides of Patna region.
- KV Danapur Cantt promoted the children to read upto the   Rashtrapati award .5 Students filled the forms of Raspati award in which 3 Students appeared and got the highest Scout award Raspati award.
- This Venue was given the opportunity to arrange DwitiyaSopon testing Camp from 8.5.2013 to 10.5.2014 total participants 186 in which 15 Scouts and 12 Guides participated from this K.V
-K.V.Danapur Registered his School and paid group registration for 40 cubs 34 Bulbuls,70 Scouts and 10 Guides 6 Scouters and Guiders total registerd 160 for 2013-14 Session.
-This K.V.promoted the Scouts and 15 Scouts participated in TritiyaSopan testing Camp held at K.V. of N Rajgir from 28.6.13 to 30.6.2013.
- For the Session 2013-14 Four Students took past in pre-RajyaPuraskar testing Camp held from 3.7.13 to 5.7.13 at this Venue and out of than Three participants were selected for the RajyaPuraskar.
-K.V.Danapur arranged Pre- RajyaPuraskar from 3.7.2013 to 5.7.13 in which 107 Scouts ,43,Guides 33 Escorts participated toatal 183.
-K.V.Danapur managed Divisional rally from 25.10.2013 to 27.10.2013 in which total participation were 179 out of it 10 Scouts and 6 Guides participated from this Venue.
-K.V. Danapur celebrated Flag Day on 7.11.2013 in a grand manner.
-This School managed all compulsory arrangement for the state rally participants and send the students to take part in state rally at the students to take part in state rally at K.V.Lukhnow from 27.11.13 to 30.11.13.
       This Venue arranged Rashtrapati Coaching Camp from 22.1.2014 to 25.1.2014 and sends the regional team to participate    in Rashpati
Testing Camp.Partcipation of this School were 3 out of 5 Students and it is a matter of great honour that all 3 participants of this School awarded with Rashpati award.
-Colour party of this School received the guest of different activities in a discent manner.
-Danapur School managed to organise divisional association meeting on21.2.2014.
-This School celebrated Cub-Bulbul utsav and thinking day from 21.2.14 to 22.2 14 in which 279 participants of this school participated and performed different types of activities.
-K.V Danapur Cantt is registered for Prime-Minister shield Competition.
-This K.V has a good team of trained teachers. They are regularly serving the Scouts and Gide troop.
-our School is registered for the Session 2014-15.
-K.V Danapur promoted the children and 6 Scouts and 4 Guides has filled the form of Rashtrapati award for the Session 2014-15.
-Adventure-10 participants of this School participated in adventure Camp held at panch from 23.5.2014 to 29.5.14.
-Pre- Rajyapuraskar testing Camp 2014 was organized by K.VDanapur in which 9 Scouts and 1 Guide Participated.
-This K.V managed to the send Rajyapuraskar team to attend the campat Allahabad.
-TritiyaSopan testing Camp-24 Scouts and 16 Guides of this venue is participating in the camp currently.
Our School has set up Scouts corners and Guides corners separately and these are maintained by the Scouts & Guides Students.
-This K.V has district commissioners of Scouts and Guides & district cub master.

New Session for KV,Danapur is going to be started from 01-04-2017 for both shift. * Smt. Jyoti Varma DC,KVS,RO, Patna has visited KV, Danapur Cantt on 01-04-2017* *New Session for KV,Danapur is going to be started from 01-04-2017 for both shift.*(97 % pass result in AISSCE 2017 & 100 % pass result in AISSE 2017 )